All about the Goudness

In 2010,  I found myself in a medical turmoil, swallowing over 20 prescriptions a day and wearing a fentynl patch, hoping to find help from a panel of doctors; I was dieing. From 2011 to 2019, all my infussions were with medical cannabis. It took a process, but today I am free of pharmaceutical medication.

In 2019, Hemp became legal, and with this was the birth of OMG GOUDNESS LLC! Everything from baked goods, candy, condiments, seasonings , and more I have created and infused. My motto, is food should taste like food. So, everything I make is extracted directly from the Hemp plant, whether made into butter, oil, or sugar, I do everything from extraction to packaging.

My Hemp is sourced through a local AZ certified and licensed grower. Every grow is tested.

Our edibles are processed with Kangen water, which is the only water I am aware of that has the ability to clean pesticides off fruits and vegetables, and that is important to me as I have allergies and so may you.

My goal, is to provide you with a product that gives relief, as well as taste wonderful.

Today we have a full spectrum CBD line that works.

One thing that stands true, is your gut is the gateway to your health.